“Dr. Perez researches and consistently stays ahead of the curve to offer his patients the safest, cleanest in tech.”

-Chance H., Patient since 2014

Vatech’s Green CT line separates itself from traditional conebeam CT (CBCT) machines with three important qualities: ultra-low radiation dosage while still providing a clinically meaningful and diagnosable image, eco-friendly materials and assembly, and FDA clearance for pediatric use. With a Green CT, patients can be assured that they are receiving an ultra-low dose of radiation while doctors are obtaining exceptional radiographic images for their diagnosis.

As a leader in innovation in the digital radiography space, Vatech has developed a cutting-edge, highly sensitive, high resolution flat panel X-ray sensor, which allows the PaX-i 3D Green to capture clinically diagnosable CT scans, while lowering the levels of radiation from traditional dental conebeam CT machines. The main focus for this strenuous engineering, development and technology was to provide the world’s first CBCT dedicated to image excellence as well as the consideration for the safety of our patients.

Engel Institute Selects Vatech’s Green CT for Implantology Program