Snore Guard

Many patients experience trouble with snoring, which can be disruptive for patients and partners alike, keeping them getting the restful night of sleep both crave. Over-the-counter products can offer some relief, but they don’t target the real problem. The reason why patients have trouble with snoring is that the lower jaw and tongue become too relaxed during sleep and drop back into the throat, restricting airways and causing that familiar and dreaded sound.

But Dr. Perez can help patients and their partners sleep through the night with Snore GuardSnore Guard devices from our Grapevine dental office are fitted by Dr. Perez for each of our DFW patients and designed to hold the lower jaw in a position that’s ideal for sleeping and breathing. It fits comfortably over the top of teeth, preventing the jaw and the tongue from blocking important air passages. There are no wires or extra pieces to worry about—just one easy-to-wear piece that has been clinically proven to reduce snoring in 99% of cases.

Learn more about Snore Guard here.

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